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Compared with a modern alternative, today's widespread and traditional method of evaluating chest pain is less accurate, takes longer, and is more expensive. Instead of doing a stress test on a treadmill with imprecise ultrasound or radioactive chemical markers injected into the patient, which often lead to more and repeated testing, a qualified cardiologist or radiologist can more quickly and accurately see just what is happening in the heart and lungs with cardiac CT testing.

Recent studies published in respected medical journals like the New England Journal of Medicine confirm that diagnostic accuracy and long-term patient survival rates are better with coronary CT than with those traditional methods. If you are like most hospitals, you already have local access to CT scanners for a myriad of other medical uses. Let IHS's board certified physicians complete the picture by applying this proven and more modern technique to your urgent and elective cardiac patients.

Coronary CTA Solutions

Cardiac CT Solutions

IHS provides ACC endorsed rapid chest pain pathways, rapid cardiac CT triage, cardiac CT interpretation and guidance on patients presenting...

Cardiac MRI Solutions

Cardiac MRI Solutions

We partner with hospitals and medical groups to provide cardiac MRI interpretation on patients...

Second Opinion Services

Second Opinion Services

IHS provides private review and second opinion services for patients and their families on previously performed cardiac CT and cardiac MRI scans...

Why Innovation Health Services?

  • Shorter Time to Diagnosis
  • Shorter Hospital Stays
  • Fewer Unnecessary Admissions
  • Fewer Repeat Evaluations
  • Improved outcomes

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Physician Imagers

Are you interested in joining our team of IHS physician imagers? You can join a national network of highly trained, highly collegial cardiologists and radiologists who own and manage our medical practice. We can help you enhance your interest in advanced cardiac imaging.

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IHS can help you plan, implement, and deliver cardiac CT and cardiac MRI programs of any scope. We can help you develop chest pain pathways, structural heart programs, and we can help you incorporate cardiac MRI technology into your cardiovascular practice. 

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