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Innovation can take decades, then decades can happen in weeks – IHS President, Mohit Bhasin, MD

Profiled on Health Tech Magazines, IHS President and cardiologist, Mohit Bhasin, MD discusses IHS and our revolutionizing digital health practice instantly delivering advanced cardiac images to expert imagers around the country for the most accurate and specialized interpretations and management recommendations.

“Coronary disease is the number one killer. Yet cardiac imaging stagnated until November 2021 when the American College of Cardiology (ACC) published the 2021 Chest Pain Guidelines, finally elevating cardiac CT to the highest recommendation ‘Class I level of evidence A’, based on a demonstrated a 40% reduction in heart attacks using cardiac CT versus traditional nuclear stress testing…”

“For sixteen years as a cardiologist and President of the telecardiology firm Innovation Health Service (IHS), and medical director of cardiac CT-MRI at an adult heart hospital and congenital imaging at a children’s hospital in Virginia, I’ve sweated over life-threatening scans of torn aortas, cardiac trauma, and coronary blockages in patients presenting to emergency departments.  At 6 million episodes per year in the US, chest pain is a common high-risk complaint with multiple life-threatening causes possible. The tests to evaluate the thorax can be consolidated into a DICOM file that reveals the ejection fraction, coronaries, great vessels, and lungs in a 7-19 minute review. Yet, experts are scattered around North America. But, in 2022, all are connected to internet browsers and smartphones, willing to help patients across state lines…Anticipating a workforce shortage, we founded a digital collaborative, Innovation Health Service to train and connect cardiac CT imagers with emergency departments.”

– Mohit Bhasin, MD, IHS President

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