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Innovation Health Service – Care for the vulnerable

With special expertise in chest pain diagnosis by Cardiac CT safely through the night, IHS is a physician-owned national service network of imaging cardiologists, cardiac radiologists, and technologists together providing cardiovascular diagnostics with clinical decision support at a fraction of the cost of full-time equivalent physicians, with redundancy and extended hours.

Spread amongst U.S. time zones, embracing the best technologies, we are the premier physician team committed to definitive, cost effective diagnostics for value-based cardiovascular management, enabling risk-bearing payments by leaner processes: fast and more accurate cardiac diagnosis leading to faster discharges – and chest pain episode closures – in 3.5 hours with lower costs, spared telemetry beds, and improved metrics such as ED time to discharge, ED waiting time, length of stay, lower repeat evaluations for chest pain, lower normal cath rates, improved patient experience, and better event-free patient survival as shown in multiple studies.

Our White Paper